Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stripe it Up

What's up dearies :) Tell us you've been missing us lol just kidding.
This exquisite silky white striped shirt actually belongs to Monica's mother. It's a loose fit and so it's kind of billowy and light, exactly how we want a silky shirt to be. We paired it with denim shorts, to provide a certain roughed-up contrast with the sleek shirt. Denim shorts are another wardrobe essential for us, and I'm sure you'll agree. They go with absolutely everything, do they not? :)
We topped the outfit with a bowler hat, to give it an extra-refined finish.

black bowler hat
silky white striped shirt - h&m
denim shorts
black lace-ups - h&m

So, we hope you like our new look (hype away!) and please do anticipate our next outfit post :) 
Love you x

Styling by Monica
Photos by Ellie


  1. Love the shirt, it looks perfect with the bowlers hat :)

  2. love the shirt! I agree with you guys, it looks great loose and not tight fitting! very cute look as always!

    - Sharlotte

  3. This look is gorgeous!!!!!

    Realy like your blog and style...
    What do you think about following each other?