Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If Only

New look everybody! We love earthy sepia tones with different shades of brown and beige and biscuit, so we put together these garments (most of them are Ellie's) with black and white. 
Many of the pieces featured here are wardrobe must-haves as well as bargains, like the white tee and the flimsy black cardigan, because they go with absolutely everything. The black cardigan actually has a Hogwarts school crest patch sewn on it, but we've hidden that (not doing preppy here). The oxford wedges are wonderful - they are not expensive and they are really easy to walk in. The scarf is given to Ellie from her mother and she treats it like an otherworldly treasure. Rightly she should. Finally, the beanies. We bought a set of two (one black, one tan) from H&M for HK$99, cool right? :) They are so fuzzy and warm and they give a great finish to winter outfits.

tan beanie - h&m
scarf - burberry 
white tee - uniqlo 
black cardigan - h&m
camel pleated shorts 
oxford wedges - local boutique

We hope you like the look! Tell us what you think :) xoxo

Styling by Monica And Ellie
Photos by Natalie


  1. hi :)

    you look so good. i like your style and i hope we ll keep contact :)

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  2. That's a gorgeous Outfit.I love the hat, the scarf, the short and the shoes, they are so beuatiful.