Friday, December 30, 2011

Biscuit, Coffee and Caramel

If biscuits, coffee and caramel don't make you lick your lips, this outfit will definitely make you drool.
This is another winter look we deliver to you on a platter :)
We really like this warm shade of tan, like on a camel ya know? The sweater reminds us of a delicious warmth only a cold day indoors (in front of the fireplace on a Persian rug, hot choco in hand, doggie in another..) can bring. Enjoy!

camel striped sweater - H&M
black bandage skirt - H&M
black suede and leather platform wedges - H&M

We love H&M, by the way. Total treasure chest for fashion addicts with a tight budget. Ideal for people like us!

Styling by Monica
Photos by Ellie

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


LOL this.

Fall look! We shot this in a dance studio. What inspired us was in fact a look in the July issue of Vogue USA, which featured Lara Stone in an embroidered silk dress with a Peter Pan collar, and Laura Love (who, as it happens, is actually a ballet dancer, hence the dance studio) had on a gorgeous Louis Vuitton silk dress with a Peter Pan collar. It gave an appearance of innocence and girlishness. Cheekily feminine ;D 
We based our outfit on this piece of inspiration and therefore put together this fall look :)

Black bowler hat
Cotton and chiffon dress in black and grey
Black lace-up heels.

Again, sheer tights when things get too chilly!

Styling by Natalie
Photos by Ellie


Merry Christmas everybody!

We got this amazing fairisle-ish sweater at the men's section at h&m! We really like the boyfriend fit and the quirky prints. Since it is loose and boxy on top, we have paired it with a bodycon skirt (you can never go wrong with bodycon skirts :D wardrobe staple), and some sturdy boots. We love a balance between some real bulk and skintight-ness.

School looks a lot closer on this side of the holiday and we're trying to cram in as much photoshoots as possible before time runs out. With a swipe of that divine red lipstick plus an extra cozy sweater, we give you a uniquely stylish AND comfortable look you can enjoy like a mug of hot chocolate on a snowy day in ;) Perfecto for a lazy afternoon when you don't feel like dressing up too much.

black bowler hat
white fair isle sweater (men's) - h&m
black bandage skirt - h&m
burgundy 8-hole doc martens - doc martens

add sheer tights if you can't take the fierce wind on your shins :)

Styling by Monica
Photos by Ellie

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


(snacking on choc chip cookie :P )

(half moon manicure, do you guys want a tutorial?)

(homemade cookies yumm)

(funniest book ever: can you keep a secret)

( <3 )

(sneak peak)

Sorry for the lack of update recently.
It had been really hard for us to take photos during the exams
but the holidays are finally here, which means we have more time to do outfit posts.
Outfit posts coming soon:)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

mint will be very big in fashion next spring . . .

Hi guys, it's us again. Today we have an outfit post for you.

It is already December but we thought it would be fun to savour the last few days of warmth by incoporating summer clothing in this outfit post. Though it was quite chilly, Nat made it through. Here it is, hope you like it:)

(nat was camera shy :p)

Shirt: online store
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: local boutique

Styling by Natalie
Photos by Ellie

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First post ever!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. As you can tell from our short bio, we love fashion and would like to share it with people around the world. We do outfit posts, as well as cooking and DIY stuff.

An Apparel Affair consists of three members:

First we have Nat. She is responsible for modeling because she has the best body shape among the three
                                                                          of us. hehe:)

Then we have Ellie , the photographer. Since she studies art, we may post her artworks if she agrees to do so.

Last but not least, we have Monica, who is in charge of DIY tutorials and the styling in the outfit posts.

So that is basically everything. We hope you find our site interesting and please follow us if you want to.

Outfit post coming soon . . .