Friday, December 30, 2011

Biscuit, Coffee and Caramel

If biscuits, coffee and caramel don't make you lick your lips, this outfit will definitely make you drool.
This is another winter look we deliver to you on a platter :)
We really like this warm shade of tan, like on a camel ya know? The sweater reminds us of a delicious warmth only a cold day indoors (in front of the fireplace on a Persian rug, hot choco in hand, doggie in another..) can bring. Enjoy!

camel striped sweater - H&M
black bandage skirt - H&M
black suede and leather platform wedges - H&M

We love H&M, by the way. Total treasure chest for fashion addicts with a tight budget. Ideal for people like us!

Styling by Monica
Photos by Ellie


  1. i love your outfit! and your shoes! Im following your blog feel free to check out mine!