Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stay Tough

 Hi, everyone! This is a preppy look with a tougher edge. It is always nice to include different elements in your outfits. We have a few repeat pieces from the past posts. Obviously we do not have the biggest wardrobe in the world, so it is really important for us to mix and match and put together different looks using the limited pieces.

We can already feel the spring breeze here in Hong Kong (and inevitably, the humidity), and we believe some spring shopping is in order for a whole new wardrobe :)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey guys! As you can see, we're trying to do a grungier look here. We love trying out different styles and a change once in a while is awesome. This is a darker look from what we put together usually and it's altogether a rather different style, more of an edgier grunge, street-wise. We are aiming for a dark lip for this outfit and we used Diva by MAC. Tell us what you think of the outfit!

black beanie - h&m
round sunnies - h&m
grey tee - junk food
dots shirt - Monica's mum
denim shorts
worn white 8-eye boots - doc martens

We're thinking about going to the Born This Way Ball Starring Lady Gaga in May and we are supposed to dress to "ball". Would be nice to adopt a similar kind of look, but more dramatic, don't you think? ;)
Check the outfit out on ! New post coming very soon x