Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snow White

No, not the Disney princess, if that's what you think :)
People tend to go for black and white when they wanna play safe and not take any risks, or just black. Not us. We try to make our outfits edgier and quirkier, even if it is not colorful.You will notice also how we use different shades of white here - the sweater is more of a creamy ivory (it belongs to Ellie, she wore it to the school Christmas party even though it's one size too big). We replaced the monotonous black bandage skirt with a striped one to pull up the contrast. Finally, platform wedges to take us to daring new heights.

black beanie - H&M
white snowflake sweater - H&M (HK$249)
striped bandage skirt - H&M
sheer tights
black suede and leather platform wedges - H&M

Sorry if you disapprove of the head-to-toe H&M, but we just really love the cheap yet crazy-wonderful stuff in there :) This condition will gradually improve as the Forever 21 flagship store is gonna open later this month. Needless to say we physically cannot wait to get our hands on new clothes! That means more outfit posts too :D

We hope you like this outfit (hype away!) and thank you!
Chinese New Year holiday coming up woohoo! xoxo

Styling by Ellie
Photos by Ellie


  1. Hi I love your blog :)) . However, I was wondering is you can follow my blog http://the-proverbs.blogspot.com/ by clicking "join this site" in the left margin.

  2. I love your sweater with your skirt ! This different prints work wonderful together :)

    1. thank you! I'm glad you like the outfit :D