Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Denim in Plural

It's been a while since our last look, but it's okay, we didn't die or something. Ellie went to Korea and things slowed down a bit. School is extremely near and as usual we, like the normal sound-minded students we are, still haven't completed our assignments and is dreading the first day back. More school means potentially less blogging and that is a most undesirable circumstance. Anyways..

We've been trying different styles out and we came across the matter of denim, so we thought, why not rough it up a little and do a denim on denim outfit? Jeans are arguably the most commonplace piece of clothing among us humans nowadays, next to white t-shirts. Here in Hong Kong, you cannot go from one place to another without seeing a hundred crisscrossing pairs of denim-clad legs. 
Taking inspiration from the streets of Hong Kong, we paired a pair of classic black Converse sneakers with grayish white jeans. Underneath the denim shirt we've got a dark tee to bring out the lightness of the different shades of denim. 

black beanie - h&m
dark grey rolling stones rhinestone tee - h&m
denim shirt 
grayish white jeans
black sneakers - converse

Chinese New Year has always been a festival of great popularity with teenagers because we get to collect "red packets" from married adults, mostly our relatives. "Red packets" contain MONEY. Cash money. It depends on the kindness and wealth of the distributor but if you go lucky you can get maybe HK$100 or even $500 in one packet alone. But you don't go around visiting relatives deliberately to get money - it's a disgrace and it's just plain greedy.
Besides, you still get to have lots of candies and delicious food like the traditional radish cake (it's awesome). Plus it's really nice for everyone in the family to get together and catch up!

So we hope you guys like our new outfit! Please don't hesitate to comment below and tell us what you think :)


Styling by the three of us
Photos by Ellie