Friday, January 13, 2012

Blown Away

Greetings fellow fashion addicts!
Were you blown away by the outfit? It's our first spring outfit in a while - can you feel the blossom-perfumed breeze? It's still very cold in Hong Kong, but we decided to freshen things up with a touch of springtime. 
The skirt is actually another product of Monica's magnificent DIY projects. She bought the skirt in Bershka originally and it was waaay too long, totally dredging on the floor, so she took up her scissors and worked some miracles over the skirt! We paired the skirt with black garments, and the usual bowler hat, to accentuate the translucent glow of the skirt. 
With the Chinese New Year holiday approaching fast, we're going to do some crazy shopping (a lot of thrifty shopping, we're looking for bargains at any time and any place) and get another photoshoot underway in no time at all :) 

black bowler hat
black sweater
coral red asymmetrical skirt - bershka (diy)
black suede and leather platform wedges - h&m 

We hope you like the outfit! xoxo
Styling by Monica
Photos by Ellie


  1. The DIY skirt is gorgeous and so well done!! gah I WISH it was spring :'(

    - Sharlotte

  2. the skirt end up looking great! Love the flow of it and how you paired it with those wedges! xx

    1. Thank you so much :) I love the skirt too :) monica DIY it :D

  3. Hi, sweetie! I just enter your blog from your Twitter :) -you commented on mine!, thank you!-
    I really love your style, so here you have a new follower!! =) That DIY skirt is awesome! love its colour!

    1. wow thanks a lot you're so sweet! I'm glad you like the skirt :)