Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking."
Sounds familiar, no? I'm sure everyone who has a thing for fashion has seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada and this is one of Miranda Priestly's lines (Meryl Streep's boss from hell). If you've not seen this it's definitely worth getting a DVD of, because this movie showcases some amazing fashion and is wittily hilarious. One literally cannot get enough of it.
We must apologize for a lack of update and we hope you might just forgive us but's a new spring look. Florals for spring - not groundbreaking indeed, but still appropriate for the season. After all when else do flowers blossom and Mother Nature breathes new life into everything? We paired a navy blue beanie with a tee in the same color, plus the pair of brown loafers we featured in some previous posts. The central piece here is naturally the floral shorts. Now those "shorts" were actually a skirt, and it's a work of genius by Monica. She thought it would give a slight twist to the common sweet-girl floral skirt. Too pink a lip might make this outfit too girly to be ideal, so we used a classic red instead. Feminine still, but bolder.

navy blue beanie
navy blue tee
brown braided belt - accessorize
floral shorts - DIY
brown loafers

We hope you like this new outfit of ours and please tell us right below what you think about it! The Easter holidays have started and hopefully there will be more outfits coming up :)


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  2. Love this outfit !!!

  3. such a cute outfit, love the light chiffon floral shorts! <3

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