Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey guys! As you can see, we're trying to do a grungier look here. We love trying out different styles and a change once in a while is awesome. This is a darker look from what we put together usually and it's altogether a rather different style, more of an edgier grunge, street-wise. We are aiming for a dark lip for this outfit and we used Diva by MAC. Tell us what you think of the outfit!

black beanie - h&m
round sunnies - h&m
grey tee - junk food
dots shirt - Monica's mum
denim shorts
worn white 8-eye boots - doc martens

We're thinking about going to the Born This Way Ball Starring Lady Gaga in May and we are supposed to dress to "ball". Would be nice to adopt a similar kind of look, but more dramatic, don't you think? ;)
Check the outfit out on ! New post coming very soon x